Hansen Entertainment is not a typical DJ company.  We launched  back in 1992 as an entertainment management company for some of the largest broadcast media corporations in the country including Clear Channel, CBS, Entercom and Cumulus broadcasting.   To this day they trust us to represent them at over 1500 events each year.    We now work with  some of the largest corporations and hundreds of small businesses, providing DJ entertainment for Holiday Parties,  company picnics, team builder events,  theme events, product launches and retail promotional campaigns of all kinds.

What makes us different is our personality driven DJ hosts.   While most typical DJ companies focus on equipment, music libraries and light shows, we are most concerned with creating an engaging, high energy event that connects with the crowd.   The great professional equipment is a given, the magic is in the skill and talent of the DJ host.

Hansen Entertainment is available with a full time customer service staff during regular business hours, so it is easy to get answers, suggestions and customer service help by phone or e mail any time.  We will make your entertainment easy, and stress free and guarantee your 100% satisfaction.

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